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Veritas Sainik School

Where we train our students to carry the vision of nation-building from day one. Our educational policy is based on the principles of discipline, commitment, consistency, and innovation in teaching methods. Our approach is to inculcate a regimen of discipline based education and international teaching standards to our students through motivation and setting higher standards rather than trying to impose things among them.

At Veritas Sainik School, our primary goal is to make discipline as the primary criterion for education with international training standards. The inquiry-based learning method of teaching helps us to develop inquisitiveness and the purpose of learning.

Our Sports Infrastructure

South India's First 10M Indoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Skating Arena

Synthetic Basketball Court

World Class Swimming Pool

Cricket Nets with Bowling Machine

Tennis Court with Synthetic Floor

Pro Kabbadi Play Area

Synthetic Volleyball Court

Our Academic Infrastructure

With the changing parameters of success in the 21st century, VERITAS is committed to put the child at heart of Learning, where a pupil can develop qualities of Body, Mind and Character, enabling the studetns of today to become transformational Leaders of Future. We have a system of evaluation and rewarding with meaningful questions the students ask in the classrooms.

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Academia (CBSE Affiliation No: 130637)


PRIMARY: GRADE I – III ( Day Boarding)

SECONDARY: GRADE IV – X ( Day Boarding / Residential)


Essentially, the experience in SV Defence Academy ( for over 15 years paved the way for materialisation of the concept of ‘Veritas Sainik School’. When learning levels of students enrolling for entry into the armed forces were viewed dispassionately against the expected standards, the idea of raising a school to bridge the gap emerged. There is a severe dearth of leadership qualities among the students. Vast amount of talent remains untapped. The schism between the employability and skill acquisition by students after passing any grade was exasperating. It was noticed that the life skills such as robust physical and mental health, thinking, creativity, problem solving, leadership cannot be nurtured in an environment which is ‘marks driven’. In order to meet these needs the scope of a disciplined approach in a ‘Sainik School’ type of surroundings was envisaged. But, the major difference would be to develop human potential without limiting the students to defence services.


Why Veritas?

  • Behaviourial Counseling
  • Focus on Hands on Learning
  • Carefully Structured Community Service by Students
  • Theater Education for Overall Development
  • Periodic Teacher Training Programme
  • Well Structured Curriculum to induce Know;edge effectively
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Self-Defence Training for Girls
  • Class Strength limited to Max. of 35, to provide atmost care

Whom is Veritas Sainik School Meant For?

Veritas Sainik School is for all those students who want to achieve and sustain success in every aspect of life. At Veritas, success is not a final destination that a student should strive to achieve rather it is a journey through which they travel every day.
  • Skill development
  • Mind sharpening
  • Focus development
  • Knowledgebase creation and expansion
  • Awareness improvement
  • Responsibility and accountability

What Makes Veritas Sainik School Different ?

Our approach to education and training of our students is through a hands-on approach to learning. Discipline is our foundation on which we train our students with a well-structured curriculum for inducing knowledge effectively.
Teacher training programs at Veritas help us to prepare the students for the next generation education. Apart from the syllabus, we provide hands-on theater education to ensure the overall development of the students.
Self-defense training for girls at Veritas helps them to protect themselves from unsafe situations and strangers who could be antisocial elements. Behavioral counseling is an inseparable part of Veritas Sainik School for supporting and nurturing positive behavior in the society, and academic engagement.

How do we elevate your child to Success ?

  • Leadership is the first quality we inculcate among our students through disciplined education. Logical decision making, critical, thinking, and efficient problem solving are the unique channels through which we put our students on the path to collaborative learning.
  • Training the students for taking calculated risks with critical and computational thinking is the specialty of education and training systems at Veritas Sainik School. Our students can develop the skills to become entrepreneurs, creative writers, orators, robotics experts, scientists, as well as dance and music specialists.


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