Our Curriculum

Veritas Sainik School is the best place where the students go through the most disciplined version of the education system from day one. We follow the CBSE curriculum that is designed for the new millennium of the learning system.

We understand the learning and grasping ability of every student in every classroom through a system of constant monitoring and one-to-one interaction. Our integrated teaching methodology includes practical sessions in the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, and computer), as well as mathematics and the languages.

Skill development for the new millennium at Veritas starts with the collaborative learning process. We train our students to think computationally, collaboratively, and critically. Innovative designing of the classroom sessions, assignments, and lab sessions help the students to gain on the concepts of problem-solving.

The main focus of teaching and learning at Veritas Sainik School is on disciplining and streamlining the innate talents and capabilities of our students in the right direction. The pattern of CBSE curriculum we follow creates plenty of opportunities for the students to get the best from the teachers and lab sessions.

Developing leadership qualities through curriculum training is one of the newest concepts we have introduced at Veritas. Periodic teacher training programs have been one of the greatest reasons for our success because we can update our teaching methodologies to the needs and demands of the next millennium.

Our teachers work consistently and persistently with every student in the classroom at the individual and group levels. Providing behavioral counseling is one of the specialties at Veritas because it helps to sharpen the focus and expand the attention span of students.

Effective inducing of knowledge with practical training on the concept implantation helps the students to attain and retain a state of continual improvement. Query-based interactive classroom sessions encourage the students to keep asking questions. It is the direct result of our innovative hands-on learning methods. Questioning to get accurate and realistic answers helps the students at Veritas to grow intellectually, intuitively, and innovatively.   


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