At Veritas Sainik School, we emphasize on keeping a strict disciplined approach to fitness, health, and sporting capability improvement for our students. We believe a sound mind can work efficiently when the physical robustness of the students is at its peak. For that, we have installed some of the most advanced sporting amenities at our school.

Our Sports Infrastructure

South India's First 10M Indoor Shooting Range

Outdoor Skating Arena

Synthetic Basketball Court

World Class Swimming Pool

Cricket Nets with Bowling Machine

Tennis Court with Synthetic Floor

Pro Kabbadi Play Area

Synthetic Volleyball Court

Team Sports Amenities

Basketball is the perfect sport for improving mental agility, team coordination, and the ability to face and overcome challenges. We have the international standard basketball courts for enhancing these abilities and much more.

Volleyball is a sport that enhances the student’s ability to stretch their physical endurance and tolerance limits to the core. At Veritas, we have the best volleyball court for developing the playing skills team synchronization with professional standards.

At Veritas, we have the most advanced cricketing nets with a high-tech bowling machine. Here, the potential talents of batting get the perfect opening to shape into professional players for our students.

Veritas understands the importance of Kabbadi as our national sports for the growing students, which is also growing as major world sports. Hence, we have created the most sophisticated Kabbadi court to train our students to meet the international quality standards.

Composite Sporting Amenities

Archery, shooting, swimming, fencing, and tennis are the composite sports that give equal prospects for the individuals as well as teams to develop skills. At Veritas, we have the most superior amenities for training and practice sessions for our students.

We ensure the best of equipment and gear for the safety of your students in all our sporting amenities. Experienced trainers coach our students from the first day. These sports provide a perfect chance to develop the techniques to progress into professional players.



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